The Original R.W. Pour-Over Stand

The Redemption Woodwork Pour-Over Stand was indeed an original creation and design, and this is how it happened…

A long time ago in a Chick-fil-a far away… My friends asked for help in building a pour-over stand – something I had never heard of. We designed the first blue print on a receipt, I analyzed it with my basic engineering understanding, and we ended up with this!

I had seen the various stands that looked like a box, either made of home depot pine, reclaim barn wood, and even ceramics. I wanted something more, something organic, something with a texture like bark – hey! why not use a whole tree branch?

I made the first one of its kind (in the world… crazy huh?) from Avocado reclaim wood from my back yard:

I followed into a severe addiction of looking into different woods, exploring what I could make, and finding out how to make them better. In a short time I learned a lot (primarily trial-and-error) about woodworking, wood curing, tool use, speeding-up production, and a host of aids for my needs. The following stands are also my own, and grown from my back yard. I couldn’t part from them and perhaps you’ll understand why:

The Three Amigos



T H E   D A I L Y   G R I N D   O P T I O N S

O N E:

The Plum Tree Pour-Over Stand

The Plum Tree Pour-Over Stand



T W O:

The Apricot Tree Pour-Over Stand

The Apricot Tree Pour-Over Stand

IMG_7766             The Apricot Tree Pour-Over Stand

[You’ll notice the significant termite consumption of the Apricot. It was nearly unusable, but after seeing the colors it provided, I had to make it work.]


T H R E E:


The Olive Tree Pour-Over Stand

The Olive Tree Pour-Over Stand        IMG_7790

[This stand is my go-to for the travel mugs]

I guess one could subsequently add .. “Started from the bottom, now we here”.

Thanks for reading. Check out the spotlights on other wood origins and pour-over products!



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